Stand Architecte@Work

Conception & Design : Benjamin KIECKEN


is the last born of ArteLED. It is a very powerful standard lamp which replaces the paving stones with fluorescent lamps easily 600x600

Does what bring BORNEO?

  • environment of a modern and pleasant work
  • a reinforcement of identity of company thanks to its single design and its under-face LED of color
  • a valorization of your brand image near staff and your visitors


  • Indirect lighting: 2 or 3 fluorescent tubes 55w PL-C
  • Light of environment: LED color fixes (White, Bleu Lagoon, Rouge, Vert, Orange) or LED with run of color RVB (push rod integrated to fix a color at the choice or to start again a scenario of change of color).
  • Reflectors aluminum high output
  • Push rods
     - On/Off
     - Gradation 1 to 100% of the indirect lighting
    Options :
  • - System change of color (RVB). Button leaving the choice enters a run of colors where the installation of a color fixes (of which the white)
  • - Fixing by grip at the work station
  • - Detection cell of luminosity combined with the detection of presence
  • Triplex glass of closing to avoid the dust contamination
  • Power supply by catch 230v.

More information on:

ArteLED - 333, rue Marguerite Perey - Innovespace A15 - 77127 Lieusaint France