We return in one century of colors. At the house, in the stores, the offices, buildings adminitratifs… and maintaining in all the supports of communication such as the logos, PLV… . Why? Quite simply because the color “communicates” and influences the perception of our environment.

It makes it possible to transmit information to our brain without having to write. And what of it are conscious we or not. Therefore the color is used more and more in extremely varied fields. And this, as well for:

to create image, to bring good being, to increase a sales turnover, to carry out descriptive effective and many other things.

Person in charge, interior designer of communication, leader one understood well. That it is at Picard to heat a quite dull atmosphere, that it is for the logo of the companies with ecological tendency which will use the green or for the large mobile telephone operators who will want to build an immediately locatable visual identity (Red for SFR, orange for Orange and Blue for Bouygues Telecom), the color became strategic communications tools.

The color is powerful communications tools with multiple scopes of application. Some of these destinations were listed without to be exhaustive:

  • Support of identity (to be recognized and memorized)
  • Support of hangs visual (to be located quickly)
  • Support of differentiation (to be single/be visible compared to different)
  • Support of descriptive (to direct, inform)
  • Support of good being (to limit the stress/to bring rest)
  • Support of productivity (association of several concepts)
  • …..

Interior designers, designers, or communication specialists formed with these codes are often the project superintendents integration of the color in a project.

As opposed to what one could believe, it does not have there a standard answer because the good choice will have to be imbricated in a project with often complex “architecture”.

However, one finds common objectives which one assigns with the color according to the activities.

Activity of trade

Trade Agences Hotel Restaurant SPA Amusement park
Differentiation Visual identity Environment Environment Environment Identity
Visual identity Environment Identity Identity Identity Signage
Communication Signage Signage Environment

Activity B to B and public Activities

Office Space reception Hospitals Park Town hall Crib
Productivity Visual identity To be well Signage Identity Environment
To be well Image Signage Environment Signage Identity
Identity Environment

We understood at last century the importance of the light on our rhythm of life (puts rhythm into circadian). We discover today the astonishing influence of the colors who compose his spectrum.

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